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Multifunctional dough prep set pizza cutting machine cutting wheel fluted wheel pizz
a cutting machine


??This 4-in-1 gadget is an innovative and versatile addition to your kitchen.?The set consists of the following rolling handle and four plastic blade inserts: pizza blade, crimper / cutting wheel, grooved wheel, dough hooker.?This rolling cutter is easy to grip and maneuver with a comfortable grip soft handle.?Single cutting rollers snap in and out for ease of use and easy cleaning.?This prep kit is perfect for use: cutting pizza and dividing dough, slicing home making ravioli, crimping decorative crusts, and punching dough.?Having a 4-in-1 tool saves space and money – no need to purchase separate tools for each task.?Because these blades are made of hard plastic, they are easy to use, require no sharpening and are gentle on pots, pans, and surfaces.?The care is simple: dishwasher safe!
– Versatile: This four in one tool is handy and convenient for a variety of tasks such as: prep, baking and serving
– 4-in-1 tool: This tool features one handle and four interchangeable blades.?The set includes pasta and pizza cutter, crimper and cutting wheel, grooved wheel, and dough
hooker – saves money and space: no need to purchase individual tools for each job.?Blades made of plastic and easy to store –
Easy to use: Just pick up blades in the snap blades for use or cleaning –
Safe in the dishwasher: All parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher –
Size: Each blade measures 4 inches in diameter, and is smoother on pots, pans and surfaces than blades Mineral


Name: Pizza cutter wheel
Material:?ABS plastic

Weight: 225g (with?package)

Package included:

1 x pizza cutter


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