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Stick Blender HB600

Dorsch Stick Blender have enough power to easily make soft hummus, creamy pesto and airy pancakes at the touch of a button.

SKU: DH-07200


Dorsch Hand Blender boosts even more power, efficacy, and manageable blending at the touch of a button. The well-designed ergonomic shape makes handling a simple, stylish and comfortable experience, complemented by soft touch area for an extra firm grip. The Dual-blade System is a combination of innovations to create the best blending system. Performance improvements and extra attachments will help you blend, mash and chop your way to the perfect meal, quickly and effortlessly.

Speed control switch gives you complete power over your food. Simply slide the easy to use dial and switch between 6 speeds to blend your food to the perfect consistency every time with no mistakes.

The Dorsch hand blender set comes with a metal egg whisk, chopper, and 1-liter beaker.


  •          You sure can count on this kitchen magic wand for multipurpose functionality – use it for everything from pureeing big batches of soups and sauces to chopping nuts or even crushing some ice.
  •          Features an extra-long driveshaft that reaches into deep bowls and pots.
  •          800w Motor guarantees the power you need for blending large quantities.
  •          Variable-speed dial and turbo buttons give you precise, adjustable control.
  •          Stainless steel shaft detaches for easy cleaning and storage.
  •          Ergonomic soft-grip handle provides a firm, comfortable grip.


  •          Use at one-minute intervals.
  •          Before operating motor, ensure driveshaft is immersed.


  •          Clean immediately following each use to prevent clogging of drive shaft.
  •          Hand-wash drive shaft; do not expose handle to water.
  •          Wipe handle clean with a damp cloth; do not place under running water.

SEO: Dorsch 800-Watt Blender provides more efficiency, & controlled blending.

META: Dorsch Hand Blender Dual-blade System is a combination of innovations to create the best blending system. Several extra attachments help blend your way to the perfect meal.


Weight2.7 kg



Color:Black Grey
Capacity (L):500 ml mini chopper, 1 L Mixing Jug
Power:800 watts
Warranty Period:2 Years



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