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Delicate Flash Freeze Popsicle Maker , Quick Ice Lolly Maker Quick Freezing Time

Product Description

Freeze ice pops in as little as 6 minutes

Easy to use

Make striped pops, yogurt pops, or even flavored core pops right on your countertop without electricity

To enjoy Quick Pops at a moment?s notice, simply store the compact base in your freezer

Revolve cap design, very cute

Freeze the popsicle maker und – 18 ?- 25 ? for more than 24 hours

Insert sticks (includes: 6 sticks)

Pour the juice or other inredients & waiting for 6 minutes

After popsicle frozen, cover the stick with the extraction cap and rotate clockwise until idling, then pull out the stick upwards and remove the extraction cap counterclockwise

The popsicle can make 2 – 3 batch after one time frozen

?Product Description


Making Popsicle


Plastic + Refrigerating Fluid

Time Required:

6 Minutes

Product Size:

215 X 134 X 125 Mm

Net Weight:





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