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otulet 3pcs.?Magic Bag Cap Keep Snacks Fresh 1 Small (1 Med 1 Large Sealing Shut Bags.

Product description

Are you sick of your chips getting tough??Tired of peas and carrots with Freezer Burn??Are your kitchen cabinets cluttered with overpriced containers to keep food fresh??Say no more.?Copco has the answer with its newly incorporated captm bag.?The sealed bag in food packaging freshness without removing the item from its original packaging so you have the instructions for use and nutrition facts.?Just attach the two-piece bag lid to your open bag, then when you need some Chips, Candy, Frozen Vegetables or Beans, just flip open the lid and pour out as much or as little as you need.?After you’re done, with the lid closed and store.?The bag lid comes in three different sizes: Small,?Medium & Wide – The perfect fit for any bag from small candy bags to the larger bag of chips?Lid of the bag is also available in three colors: red, orange and green.?The bag is a fridge, freezer and dishwasher lid making it perfect for any type of bag you need to store.?Box containing 8 complete lids of varied color and size.?It also contains manufacturing instructions.?these things are really convenient and easy to use.?I Use them in bags of Candy and Chips., There is a small, medium and large size wide mouth.?The colors are red, green and orange.?The Bag Cap uses a two-piece system with the inner part fitting into the opening of the bag (which gives it a firm mouthpiece) and the outer component offering a cap that pops into place,?made of silicone rubber (so it is a bit stretchy).?Most any type of bag can be fitted with the accessory, so you can seal the chips more than just Unfinished – -Can be used for candies, veggies, beans and leftovers as capably.?”


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