Premium Split Ac Deflector

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Split AC Air Flow Deflector PREMIUM+ Model

x Adjustable to Fits Split AC width ranging between 60cm and 110cm.

x Curvy and wide deflector wing surface for streamlined deflected flow.

x Easy and multiple installation options, by clips or hangers.

x Removable, fast and easy for cleaning or folding.

What is the use of AC flow deflector?

Being always expose directly to AC cold flow is dramatically affects our bodies, but most of us are daily obliged to stay in front of the AC flow because of our work or home furniture layouts.

Elegant &

Practical design

Thanks to transparent material that keeps the AC elegance and dose not interrupt remote control signal.

Adjustable & Rotatable

Its length can be adjusted with an average of 60 cm to fits most of AC length. Also it can be rotated 360? to deflects the flow wherever you wish.

Easy Installation

Doesn’t require drilling tools, it’s provided with accessories that make initial installation much easier.

And its deflection wing is designed to be removed for cleaning purposes by hands.


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