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Dorsch Pressure Cooker

Reduce your cooking time down intensely with this high-performance stove top pressure cooker. Its wide base offers more surface area for browning than other models, making it best choice for large cuts of meat.The extreme pressure and high temperatures reduce conventional cooking times by up to 70 per cent – while saving approx. 50 per cent energy.It also preserves most of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients, making food nutritious and tasty.


– 18/10 stainless-steel with heat-conductive insert for quick, even heating.

– Self-locking handle seals lid when there is any pressure within.

– Auto-pressure release valve.

– Included steamer basket doubles as a food grater and trivet.

– Use low pressure for delicate foods like fish, fruits, soft vegetables and custards.

– Use high pressure for hearty dishes like stew, chili and roasts.

– Energy-efficient design works on any type of cook top, including induction.

How to Use & Care:

– Ideal for use on any type of cook top, including induction.

– Hand-wash lid; gasket and base are dishwasher safe.

– Rinse the control valve under running water after use

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