Light Humidifier

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  •  Feel Galaxy At The Comfort Of Your Home: This product is designed with the appearance of planets, with three patterns of star, ocean and Christmas; it has a projection function, is a night light, and is also a humidifier; it helps to create a quiet and comfortable sleeping atmosphere.
  •  2 In 1 Humidifier: Fine water mist, 1 cup of water = 3 masks, ultrasonic full atomization, can reach the bottom of the muscle deep hydration, so that the skin like a sponge full of water, nourishing the skin. The base is soft and non-slip, airtight, no water seepage for long-term use.
  •  Safe and automatic shutdown: the built-in water level sensor can automatically turn off the power supply when the water level is below the safe water level. and the seal is very strong, no more worrying about the liquid spill accident
  •  Long working time: Adopted with advanced ultrasonic technology, Ionize essential water into the air to keep the air moist, Moisturizing the skin and reducing radiation. Super quiet atmosphere can provide you a calm and comfortable sleeping night with warm light.
  •  Light mode: four light modes, soft and not harsh, one key to switch the light mode; monochrome warm light, monochrome blue light, monochrome green light, three-color cycle

Christmas, Ocean, Planets


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