Santuko Knife

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Smart Design 5″ Santuko Knife

Smart Design Knives are both Hygiene and sharp with a protective sheath.

SKU: DH-04621



A Knife that will stand for itself. Dorsch Smart Design Knife series will elevate the blade off the worktop to improve hygiene and stop the mess from spreading all over your kitchen. You can safely place your knife anywhere on your worktop knowing that the blade wont touch anywhere to keep germs from playing all over your Knife and keep the food from reaching your worktop.

Our Knifes Are Made of German steel X50CrMoV15 which is high in carbon making it rust proof and the blade will last much longer than normal steel. German Steel Knives will cut even the thinnest slices and even the softest tomatoes will cut easily.

Product Features

  • Superior sharpness blade made of high carbon stainless steel

  • Food safe non-stick coating provides easy cleaned surface

  • Unique handle design raises blade off of the work surface

  • Protective sheath provides safety storage.



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